Water: Source of life…and amazing skin!

Did you know that water is one of your greatest assets in maintaining beautiful, luminous skin?


Our body, made up of 60% water, could not survive for long without it. Water is not only essential for survival, it also helps give you energy and flushes toxins from your body. As mentioned in previous blogs and capsules, your skin reflects your lifestyle and your state of health. So, it makes sense that your water intake is reflected on your skin.


A person lacking water will have one or more of the following characteristics: a more yellowish and dull complexion, more wrinkles, a tendency to acne, dry skin and / or more dark circles. This is explained by the fact that when a person does not drink enough water, their waste disposal organs (kidneys, liver, bladder and others) do not work at optimum capacity and this is reflected on the skin. The toxins therefore remain “trapped” in the body and are visible on the face.


So drinking water (and not just one glass a day!) Is really the best way to stay healthy and keep your beautiful, youthful skin as much as possible! Your skin is truly a mirror of your bodily health, so take good care of it!


Your next step: Become a best friend with water!