Why is cleaning your face every morning AND every night so important?

In an ideal world, cleansing your face would be included in your morning AND evening beauty routine.

 But why wash your face in the morning if you did it right before bed?

 Many people associate cleaning the face with makeup removal. However, it is just as important to wash skin with makeup as it is without makeup. Overnight, sebum and impurities continue to build on your facial skin and clog your skin pores. If your pores are not cleaned when you wake up, the dirt will continue to accumulate throughout the day. This causes the appearance of blackheads, pimples and makes the pores of the skin even larger and more visible. When you wash your face when you wake up and at bedtime, you should be sure not to leave a build-up of dirt on your facial skin.

 Also, washing your face properly is more than necessary when wearing makeup. Make-up clogs the pores of the skin because it prevents them from breathing normally. So, if you don’t clean your face, it’s the impurities of the day AND your makeup that gets into your skin and enlarges, among other things, your skin pores.


Cleaning your face does not require a very complex routine, on the contrary. A normal soap suitable for your skin type is enough to remove impurities and leave your skin radiant. After cleansing, applying a serum or a cream will help balance your sebum and ensure that your face is adequately hydrated.