What is an essential oil?

Did you know that an essential oil is not considered an oil? In fact, an essential oil is a concentrated liquid aromatic extract obtained using a steam distillation process. The steam is introduced into an alambic which contains the selected plant. The water droplets collect the aromatic molecules. It is therefore these essences, in other words, these aromatics that are recovered and put in a bottle. Different parts of the same plant can be used in this process (roots, fruits, bark, leaves, wood, etc.). This explains the fact that with the same plant it is possible to produce and buy various types of essential oils.


The yield from one aromatic plant to another varies greatly with regard to the oil produced. This, among others, explains the price differences between essential oils. Each essential oil is unique and has different properties. You should also be careful and educate yourself when using essential oils. It is important to check whether the essential oil chosen is suitable for the use you intend to do. For example, some essential oils cannot be used in a diffuser or on the skin, and some are harmful to pregnant women. Hence the importance of speaking with a qualified person, such as our herbalist, when purchasing essential oils.



 7kg of clove flower buds are enough to produce 1kg of essential oil.


4 tons of rose petals are needed to produce 1 kg of Damascus rose essential oil.