The benefits of exfoliating

The benefits of doing a face exfoliation

In addition to preventing the formation of impurities, exfoliation stimulates microcirculation. This process improves the radiance of the skin and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis. Also, the exfoliation of the face leaves the skin soft and hydrated.


Our lavender facial scrub is ideal as it combines the benefits of fine lavender essential oil with the benefits of exfoliation.


The benefits of body exfoliation

For the body, exfoliation is an essential gesture since it prevents the formation of ingrown hairs; small enemies that are found too frequently on our skin. In fact, the latter appear when there is an excess of dead skin. This excess creates a cutaneous occlusion which encloses the hair under the skin. Exfoliation of the body also makes the skin divinely soft and smooth!


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