Who to trust when it comes to our skin?

Our skin reflects our health, our experiences and our little and big accidents. We like to take care of it by exfoliating, hydrating and massaging it. We choose beautiful products to ensure that it remains beautiful and radiant, just like our “joie de vivre”.


But what if it was your beauty routine that was slowly damaging your skin?


You are probably very certain of the cosmetics you are currently using and are telling yourself that there is no way that your current products are harmful to your skin. HOWEVER, it’s not that you don’t react to your products that they are good for you.


If your products don’t contain parabens, sulfates or other harmful chemicals, you are off to a good start. But, did you know that certain combinations of moisturizing oils, fragrances or essential oils can be very dangerous for your skin? So, just because a product is natural or smells amazing, doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin.


The wrong combination of ingredients can cause irreversible damage to your skin that may not appear until years later. For example, the use of citrus fruits in products such as creams, serums and self-tanners is strongly discouraged, as they are photosensitizers. After exposure to the sun, large brown spots form on the skin and can take up to 1 year to appear. Even though this kind of combination is found in many cosmetics, citrus-like skin products are still not recommended. The same principle applies if your mosquito repellent contains lemongrass. Also, did you know that frequent use of face products that have a fragrance makes the skin more irritated or that some essential oils cannot be used on the skin?


This does not mean that you have to buy overpriced big brand products. You just have to choose your cosmetics brand well and not succumb to any company that sells beautiful products of all shapes and smells.


It is important to trust professionals, just like our herbalist, who have studied the science of plants and their effects on the skin. Have no fear with our cosmetics, Lyette takes great care to create synergies of hydrating and essential oils that will be beneficial in the short and long term for your skin.